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Shark Tale
07.02.04 (7:39 am)   [edit]
A new animation film by Dreamworks already?
Oh yeah...

Due out in theatre's October 1st, [b][url=]Shark Tale[/url] [/b], continues the battle of the animated feature with rival Pixar. A [b]Bug's Life vs. Ants [/b]and [b]Monsters Inc vs. Shrek[/b] were two great battles indeed. And Pixar's blockbuster smash, [b]Finding Nemo [/b]definitely upped the ante. Then this summer's hit [b]Shrek 2 [/b]came in and shook the animated walls of Pixar as a retort. And already, Dreamworks has another film coming out that brings the battle back [i]"under the sea."[/i]

[i]Rasta Jellyfish? Comedy gold.[/i]

I love animation films and really try not to put Pixar in contention with Dreamworks...Pixar keeps the cartoony, Disney-like feel to their work while Dreamworks works in a little more realism and detail into theirs. Both animation companies are truly ahead of the pack and are poppin' out great work. Personally, I can't wait.

Celebrity voices include Will Smith, Renee Zellweger, Angelina Jolie, Jack Black, Rober DeNiro, and Martin Scorcese.


posted by: Shark99 (reply)
post date: 07.02.04 (7:41 am)

Of course Shark99 needs to see this movie.

posted by: petalpower (reply)
post date: 07.02.04 (7:45 am)

sounds lik a gr8 movie...will smith n jack black?its gona b damn funny!

posted by: Robin Z (reply)
post date: 07.02.04 (8:36 am)

Never have understood the adult obsession with animated films... I stopped watching these after about age 6! Bet you guys get up really early on Saturday morning too, eh?

posted by: DrThalamo (reply)
post date: 07.02.04 (8:59 am)

hold up, robinz....animated feature films are some of the most creative and humorous stuff out there these days...don't even compare them to the drivel of saturday morning cartoons, which has been trashed by low-budget, wortheless attempts at animation - used primarily as a marketing tool to earn a few bucks. the humor and characters in animated FEATURE FILMS is far superior to your favorite comedy, White Chicks or some other hollywood-trash flick.

Animation is at the forefront of art in general, whether you like it or not. It's just not getting the respect it deserves... b/c people like you can't see the bigger picture.

posted by: Van Helsing (reply)
post date: 07.02.04 (9:42 am)

I don't understand why people think that having celebrity voices does anything for an animated movie. why do i care if brad pitt is the voice of sinbad?? it's a waste... of money and resources. they should hire some actual actors with talent pay them less than $20 million and give us a break on the movie prices.. and the studios try and make us feel bad for not respecting their copyrights! Van Helsing's animated characters weren't union.

posted by: Robin Z (reply)
post date: 07.02.04 (9:43 am)

Reply to: DrThalamo
I watched the first shrek... It was dreck!

Dyspeptic green monsters as adult entertainment? GMB...

posted by: DrThalamo (reply)
post date: 07.02.04 (10:35 am)

first off, i agree with celebrity voices...who cares...their must be 100s of people with cool voices that will work for the pocketchange that the celebs are gettin' paid. But big names sell I guess...

As for RobinZ's ridiculous comments...ah, it's not worth my time.

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